The following are true testimonials received by mail, Internet and e-mail.

"Thank you for sending the calendar so quickly, it is another excellent job! We have your calendars going back 20+ years, and we find the photos beautiful, the text well researched."
- John T. (NY) March 19, 2018

"Nice to see all the old photos and the variety of equipment and locations shown. Brought back many memories of when I was actively photographing NYC transit."
- Matthew H. (NY) September 7, 2017

"Thank you for the 2018 Subway Calendar. Once again you've done an outstanding job."
- Larry Gault (NY) September 4, 2017

"THANKS MUCH -- I got the 2018 year calendar from you in Saturday's mail -- absolutely beautiful and all are first class sharp excellent photos."
- Joseph Frank (NY) September 3, 2017

"The photos have such power, and your expertise comes through. You know so much about the NYC subway and more."
- Howard S. (NY) September 2, 2017

"ove NYC Subways – a long time Brighton Line rider and other BMT branches. Love the memories you rekindle. Best wishes and success."
- Richard S. (FL) October 28, 2016

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the 2014 Subway Calendar. Beautiful photos as always."
- Bob Hasselbach (PA) January 16, 2014

“You have the best subway calendars in the country.”
Luis L. (MT) January 3, 2013

"Received the 2012 edition the other day and as always, it outdoes all of its predecessors by a country mile. I can't get over the quality of the photography and printing as well as the choice of subject matter. Totally captivating. I found my first edition of the calendar in a bookstore in the King of Prussia (PA) Mall in around 1997 and ordered all succeeding editions directly every year since. One time you sent out a blurb looking to sell off leftover stock. I bought one of each. Unfortunately, the 1993 addition was out of stock. Anyhow, my collection covering 1994 through 2012 is one of my most prized possessions. I do find myself going through them all every so often because they bring back such fond memories of my travels".
Steve F. (MD) November 24, 2011 "I have been buying your calendars for over 14 years " Luis L. (MT) December 24, 2011

"Thank you for the great years !"
Jameal C. (NY) October 20, 2011

"Your 2012 Subway calendar looks great, I just got it in the mail. Thanks".
Charles Greene. (PA) October 17, 2011

"Of all the railroad and model railroad magazines and calendars I get, yours is the one I enjoy the most. As a boy, I rode most of the lines and your photos brings back youthful memories".
Richard S. (FL) October 7, 2011

"Just got the 2012 calendar. You guys did a good job, thanks. I liked the historical photos and the montage of entrance signs".
Lee W. (PA) October 7, 2011

"[The] 2011 calendar brought back lots of memories. I worked at 6 WTC (US Customs House) approximately 50' north of the North Tower. I was transferred to N.M shortly before the 1st bombing I remember working in the 11th floor of 20 West Broadway and watching the Towers rise before my eyes, blocking my view of the harbor". John L. (NM) October 1, 2011

"The 2012 Subway Calendar is now available at the Transit Museum Store in Grand Central Terminal. Bill has done a great job once again of assembling an interesting collection of photos. A rear cover has pictures of various route signage from subway stations" Lawrence Gault (NY) September 9, 2011.

“These calendars are great and really enjoy looking through them”! Jerry O. (CT) June 23, 2011

“The '98 calendar was the first one I picked up. I've been getting them every year since. Great work. R36 #9346”.  
(NY)  February 10, 2011

“I just turned the page to June, and found a really nice picture of the Redbirds with the WTC in the background. Nice picture, Bill”! (PA) Karl B. June 1, 2011

 “The calendars came in to today - WOW!  Great photos & selections.  I don't know how you do it - every year is better
than the last”! Thanks, (NJ) Alan Zelazo. August 4, 2011  

“Thanks for your quick response!  It turned out that they were still in stock at the Transit Museum Online Store,
so I ordered them there. Thanks much for doing these calendars -- I love them”!
Jeff J. (NY) January 25, 2011
“Many, many thanks for the 2011 New York City Subways Calendar. You are really such a talented photographer
and I’m very glad you have such a job that is the perfect showcase for your talents”.
Pamela L. (DC) January 12, 2011
“While I get your calendar every year, I've never written to comment on them before, but with 2011,
you have surpassed any and all expectations. We weren't aware of the theme as we leafed through the months.
It slowly became apparent what you did and hit with a wallop your choice for September.
Both my wife and I were moved to tears by this year’s calendar. Great work and peace to you”.
Richard O. (NY) January 9, 2011
“The 2011 calendar is the best calendar ever published in the series.
I have posted comments similar to that in the past & I hope you don't mind me repeating myself “.
Jim Scullin (NY) December 23, 2010
“I am loving my 2011 calendar”.
Chuck G.  (PA) December 23, 2010
“Its always hard to pick a favorite picture on that calendar since all of Bill's choices are so good. Nevertheless I would have to say my two favorites on the 2010 calendar were; October - The IND 207 Street Yard chock full of R-1's just prior to the opening of the 8th Avenue Line. The next choice would be the one on the back cover, the BRT Fifth Avenue El at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenues. Since the picture was taken from the street we get to see the clothes that folks were wearing back them. The newsstand even has a sign for the "Daily Eagle." Note too the absence of automobiles”.
Laurence Gault (NY) December 23, 2010
“First calendar was 1993. As they say "The Rest is History". Every year the end result gets better and better.
2011 marks the 19th edition. May you have at least 19 more!” 
Bill I. (NY) December 23, 2010
“I have all the calendars, and have actually framed some of the pictures.Great Job Thanks!”
John K. December 24, 2010
“Thank you so much for sending me your 2011 calendar. It has an extremely interesting theme. It must have been
project long in the making. I can’t imagine how much time it took you to review your photo achieve for appropriate
images and canvas other photographer for additions. I like your gray Twin Towers image on the calendar date pages.
Thanks your letter. It made your calendar even more enjoyable for us”. 
Judy W. (CA) December 12, 2010

"Greeting from Delaware. The calendar is always well done"
Joseph M. (DE) November 26, 2010

“It was good to look at October 2010, and see all the R-1’s at 207th St. yard. I worked there for 30 years”.
George J. (NY) October 13, 2010

“Another year already! Thanks for everything”!
Jameal C. (NY) October 9, 2010

“Lived in Flatbush, traveled the BMT daily to work as well as exploring the system.
Your calendars bring back great long-term memories since I am 87 years old this year”.
Richard S. (FL) September 29, 2010

“ Appreciate your follow up on my calendar order. As a Brooklyn boy interested in the subway routes, your calendar
brought back many memories of past trips. Then I went on to become a chief in the Fire Dept, New York City.
Neighborhood photos brought back memories”.
Richard S. (FL) January 4, 2010

:I have almost all of your calendars and as a NYC child who rode the Brighton Line, many of these photos bring back memories”. Richard S. (FL) December 16, 2009

“As one of your regular customers, I would like to order FIVE 2010 calendars this year. Thanks! Your calendars are great”.
Tom K. (NY) December 5, 2009

“Thanks for producing a great product”.
John L. (NM) October 30, 2009

“Thanks for the help with the postage. Look forward to doing this for many years to come”.
William M. (OR) October 23, 2009

“I always enjoy your calendars and they have a place of honor near my computer”.
George F. (CA) February 4, 2009
“Love the calendars”.
Joseph M. (NJ) November 8, 2008
“I love the 2002 & 2003 calendars”. 
Guy C. (FL) August 25, 2007
“Your 2007 train calendar was the perfect gift to my friend. He’ll love it “!! 
Jimmy W. (NY-NY) December 26, 2006
“ I received your NYC Subway 2006 calendar as a gift and was very happy to see it, as it brought back a lot of memories as a car inspector at Jamaica inspection barn for about thirty years, minus military time for World War II and the Korean War”.
George J. (NY) December 17, 2005
“I really have enjoyed your past subway calendars. Thanks for doing this project every year”. 
Ron J. (KY) 2005
“I continue to be impressed by the quality of your annual project, and I mean that sincerely. Keep up the excellence!” 
Jim M. (CA) November 7, 2005
“Once again, you have done a terrific job. The additional subway map from the 1953 annual report was nice to see again.
Thanks again”.
Alan B. (NY) September 13, 2005
Man, I sure love those 5 NYC subway calendars that I ordered from you recently! Wow, brought back so many memories.
You even had the Myrtle Ave. ‘el’ gate cars, 165th St. w/ LIRR, a few on East New York’s Broadway Junction and a magnificent background shot of the junior high school in Ridgewood that I taught at for a few years circa ’66-’75. The 2003 tribute to the World Trade Center was stunning and I wish to more as gifts. My son was living in NYC temporary during 9/11 and I was never
so relieved to get his call saying he was OK. Thanks again, Bill and keep up the great work! Can’t wait for ’06.
P.S. The ’96 Don Harold edition was yet another treasure.” 
Jim M. (CA) January 5, 2005
“Today I received the 2005 NYC Subways Calendar. Great job !!”
Jim M.  November 22, 2004
“Great compliments to you on the beautiful calendar for 2003 with the terrific images and captions that are so striking. It is a wonderful and moving tribute to our great city and the World Trade Center. I am a native New Yorker & have been using the subways since I was 5 and you images are near and dear to my heart. Continued success in your endeavors. God Bless America”!  Linda K. (by e-mail)
“Thanks very much for the calendar. The pictures are just great and brought a lot of pleasant memories of Brooklyn
in the good old days. We have a room where we set up some model trains and I would like to hang the calendars on the walls”. 
Mitchell C. (NY) November 11, 1999
“Thank you for sending the beautiful calendar. My son loves it. he wanted to thank you very much,
so he drew one of the many subway pictures he draws every day for you. He hopes you enjoy it”. 
Howard S. (NY) May 22, 1999
Is there any way to locate a 1993 NYC Subways Calendar?  My son, age 6 ½, has 1994 & 1995 and would like to
add 1993 to his collection. We didn’t discover the calendar until 1994”.
Howard S. (NY) April 3, 1999
“I just bought the 1999 calendar and it’s superb, especially the “Q” car photos. Keep up the good work”. 
Bob H. (PA) December 18, 1998
“I run a subway retirees (and working staff) semi annual lunch. One of the attendees gave me your 1997 NYC Subways Calendar. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the photographs and comments having stated as an IRT conductor in 1949, IRT motorman in 1952, transferred to the BMT in 1953, promoted to motor instructor in 1967 and retiring in 1964, being familiar with all the equipment mentioned except those two cars (R-110A & 110B) at Hammels Wye shown in your 1996 calendar”. 
Len L. (NY) August 18, 1997
“Many thanks for the beautiful calendar. The photos are excellent”.
Donald H. (NY) 1996
“ Many thanks for the kind letter of October 15, just received. I shall pick up a copy at Coliseum Books at the corner of 57th St. and Broadway, since I pass that way often. I occasionally attend meetings of transport groups here in London. The next one, which involves members of the London Underground Society, is a week from today. I shall ask around if anyone knows of your calendar, and shall bring back copies for those who are interested, or show them my copy when I return to England. Perhaps the London Underground Society even has a publication in which you might get a mention”.
Frank S. (London-UK) October 18, 1996
“ Received the 1996 calendar on Saturday, it’s great. I was delighted to see your father’s name listed under the photo
“family outing to Coney Island”.
Dorothy K. (CA) October 23, 1995
“I received your 1995 calendar and it is wonderful. You certainly must have put a lot of effort into it.”
Dorothy K (CA) December 9, 1994
“I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the calendars. If you can spare them, I could use about a half a dozen more”.
Donald H. (NY) 1994
“You really outdid yourself this year.. They are absolutely beautiful”. 
Donald H. (NY) October 17, 1994
“Your 1993 New York Subway Calendar was a genuine hit here in my office and brought back many fond memories for this ex-New Yorker. Are you going to publish a 1994 edition ? I hope so !!” 
Kevin S. (CA) September 13, 1993
“Thank you for sending out the calendar. My friend was so impressed with my copy. She wanted to give it to a friend of hers who’s retired from the BMT and is living in the desert. Thanks a lot Bill”. 
Dorothy K. (CA) February 13, 1993
“Your calendars arrived on Saturday. The photos are beautiful!  No wonder you’ve been able to sell them.
A terrific job, congrats.”
Dorothy K. (CA) January 25, 1993
“The calendars sold out ! Keep up the good work !” 
Roger A. (NY) December 1992
“Thanks, for the calendar, it’s great.” 
David G. (DC) November 13, 1992
“Thanks so much, look forward to the 1994 calendar”.
Barbara C / Judith S (New York Bound Bookshop) (NY) 1992

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