The 2015 New York City Subways Calendar Has Arrived !

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The Newkirk Images 23rd subway calendar features vintage equipment as follows:
"Two BMT "Steels" (one on the eastern Div, another on the Southern Div), Triplex's on the Astoria Line, IRT "Steinways" at Freeman St, R-21's at 219th St, three BMT Q-Types on the 3rd Ave "el" (one in Manhattan, one in the Bronx) and B'way-Myrtle in Brooklyn, G.E. R-16's on the #14 at Hewes St, R-22's at Jackson Ave, NEW! R-17's in maroon paint, R-4 #800 fresh out of the paint shop, brand new R-27's at 207th St yard.

Bonus: Subway Sun from 1951 (page 2) and Skip-Stop schedule covers of the BMT from 1959 (Jamaica Line) and 1964 (Brighton Line).